Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy – What did I think of Ep 3 – Human Shock

I learned a new language, but gave up at the end!

What was most prevalent to me was how much effort Misumi Makoto put into learning the human language (common) so he could go into the human village. He let me down though because he spent an entire month learning how to read, write and speak it just to go with verbal air magic.

Tomoe, Mio and himself even came up with an entire lie just so he wouldn’t have to talk. It was funny, but why spend a month learning it just to default to a lie and magic? I don’t get it.

My pronunciation is weird, so I give up.

A ring that stops humans from thinking I’m some scary monster!

During the same episode we get the introduction of both the prototype and final product of the ring(s) that both absorb and compresses his magical aura and magic. My boy has so much magical power he can’t even “put a lid on it” to mask it himself.

I was a little surprised that him getting the magical ring(s) crafted for him was already happening so soon, I mean we are only on the third episode. An intricate part of his character are the ring(s) and I thought we wouldn’t see them until episode 5 or 6.

Maybe I’m overreacting though. Makoto gets stronger over the course of the series, so I am sure his rings will get upgraded as his power grows. Without the ring at level 1, he allegedly appears to be several demon lords, so imagine his strength at level 2, haha.

I guess I am really am traveling with monsters from another world!

I really felt bad for Makoto at this scene. We got to learn both the levels of Tomoe and Mio. Obviously as legendary monsters I was expecting them to be strong, but to be damn near max level (especially for Mio) is insane. The highest level scroll in the guild can count to 1,600 and I am sure in more major cities the count can probably go higher, but maybe not.

Still once everyone got excited over the ladies they hit my boy with the, “Rank E – Level 1.” I was hurting for him. I would hate being the literal strongest, but always being measured at Level 1.

So far I am enjoying the anime!

This anime is pretty good. The art is nice, the characters are interesting and I am enjoying the funny reactions to Makoto being strong. It does feel like it’s moving a little fast though, I hope it’s just my imagination. Pacing aside everything else is doing alright for me. Can’t wait episode 4.

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