Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy – Black Spider of Disaster – Ep 2 Feelings

Okay, so we learn a couple of things about Makoto during this episode, but most importantly is that he and Tomoe start to build their own village within her demiplane. Honestly that is something I would love to do. Having the chance to build my own kingdom would be amzing. While being OP is great, I would have to consider that a bonus.

I could see myself going around, solving problems for different groups and species than later offering them a better environment to grow and be safer. World building is my favorite part of any adventure game, so once they put this idea out there I was hooked.

Aside from building within the demiplane we learned that Makoto can use pretty much all the magics available to him in this world aside from healing magic. Learning you can handle any magic is great, but when you can’t use one of the more important ones I have to wonder why.

During episode 2 Makoto notices one of the Orcs who asked for his help is hurt, my boy than proceeds to heal him, but afterwards notices he himself is injured, but can’t use healing magic on himself. I find this odd and don’t know why we are lead to believe he has no affinity for healing magic when he clearly does or rather – why it does not work on himself.

It probably has something to do with the Goddess.

Here’s a thought – What if she made it so he CAN’T heal himself? If he got hurt he would be more likely to die. I mean it’s an interesting theory, but pretty fucked up as well if it were true.

True or not Makoto is happy he can help others at least, so that’s always something.

In this episode is also where we meet Mio or The Black Spider to be more exact. We learn a bit about her personality and how much of a masochist she is. Her regenerative abilities are through the roof. She can literally be blasted into pieces, but regenerate in seconds PLUS she broke into the demiplane. Mio is definitely strong with a splash of kinky thrown in.

Mio – The Black Spider

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