Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy – Too Late – Feelings on Episode 4

Makoto’s expression is… different.

During this episode we get to meet two new characters, Rinon and Toa (Hasegawa look alike). What stood out most to me about this episode was the faces he made during the interrogation process with an assassin Tomoe caught (see Below). Mio pointed it out twice and even Tomoe mentioned it.

We learned that once in the past Makoto made Hasegawa cry, but we did not really learn why or how. It seemed to me she must have asked him to be her boyfriend and for whatever reason he turned her down. Whether that is true or not we have yet to learn and I do not really know if we will ever learn why she cried.

Either way – with the addition of Toa and Rinon to his group things are sure to get a bit more sweet & spicy.

Serious Face

Thoughts to Share

It was already understood that while Makoto may be a nice and understanding guy he’s not afraid to get angry and act on that rage, as he had done in the past with Mio (pre-contract). Seeing him show his anger in such a way has made me gain a bit more respect for him.

I know a part of him wanted to save Toa because she reminds him of Hasegawa, but I know he would have saved her anyway even if she didn’t resemble her. Maybe this is his way of giving his heart a second chance at forgiveness or maybe he loved her more than he led on, either way it’s good to always see an OP person be down to earth.

Nothing else really stood out to me other than the interactions between Tomoe, Mio and Makoto once he saw Toa. I really can’t wait to see more interactions between Toa and Makoto. Will she fall in love with him? will he give them a home until they decide to set off on their own again? or will they rebuilt the human settlement and make it better?

Another option would be to have the Elder Dwarfs create her a new weapon. As she had mentioned before, part of the reason why they were living like this is because a family member lost their legendary family treasure during a big battle, so for reasons she left with Rinon and ended up like this. That would not only start a new Family legend, but it would give Toa and Rinon a way to live again and fight for redemption.

Originally Makoto wanted to make the town better (or rather the world), but due to Mio and Tomoe literally destroying it I don’t know if that’s going to be possible anymore. It would be a cool adventure to rebuilt the town and use it as a human home base, but only time will tell is anything of this will happen if at at all.

Can wait for episode 5! Let’s go!

Toa & Rinon

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