Home is where you see your future

I’ve been more and more focused on trying to locate ways to better my life and follow my dreams. When I watch YouTube videos from channels like Abroad in Japan, LivingBobby, Sharmander, or The Black Experience Japan, it helps me learn about the country I have fell in love with, as well as, teaches me all kinds of things I did not know.

For example: My dream is to live in Japan overall for the rest of my life. I want to work as an English teacher for about a year or two. I will then follow my passion of being a freelance writer/photographer whilst teaching privately, but I just learned yesterday that you should speak with your lawyer and change your visa to avoid problem like deportation before taking on that job title.

If I did not learn that I felt I would have put myself into a huge hole and that only makes me want to learn more. I would like to be as prepared as possible before going to Japan.

Nobody truly speaks about all the little details that revolves around jobs, careers, or even just the official process of doing these things before transitioning into something new. It is up to you as the individual to find out all the stuff that is unknown to you.

When the time comes to go to Japan, I want to be as prepared as possible. Of course I know it is impossible to be 100% ready for the unknown and that no matter how much I prepare I will find myself in awkward positions or making mistakes, but I want to try and limit those situations if I can help it.

Everyday I learn something new about Japan and it feels so good to know I am have so much to gain from going there, not to mention how safe I would feel and be.

It’s hard to keep living where I am because there are no opportunities for me to grow or advance myself here. Everyday life is just a struggle and nothing is fun, nice, inviting or helpful. When I wake up all I feel is depressed and worried about how my day will go, so I look to Asia as a place of dreams and opportunities to grow and achieve something for myself.

Teaching myself a second language and learning about this county are two things I want to eat up my life. I want to prepare myself to live there starting on a good foot.

While I do not wish to forget my old self, I do want to leave him behind and never look back.

Japan, or rather, Asia as a whole are my versions of a land of dreams and opportunities. The amount of potential I see is astonishing and it only drives my will to accomplish my goals even more. I’ll put in as much effort as I need to in order to get into Japan as a English teacher. Once I am there than I will resume all my activities like gaming, watching anime, and collecting anime goods.

Once I am in Japan I would also start my journey of self-employment, though of course I would like to work for some kind of writing company in Japan or obtain a small office job of some kind. I would never leave myself without a sure fire way of earning an income.

I have a dream of owning my own online business and having a small team of three other people. That would be the time when I work 100% for myself.

At the end of the day the growth and potential I see for myself living in Japan is way more achievable than living here in America as a black man. Nothing here is achievable by me, my dreams are stepped on, aspirations shunned, and motivation destroyed. Help and assistance is never offered or gain and nobody wants to see another achieve, especially if their “different”.

So I look to Asia as my land of untapped experience and as a wealth of knowledge.

Japan is my home and though I was born in America I do not wish to live here any longer than I have to. There is nothing here for me, never has been, and never will be.

In all honestly America would sooner kill me for “walking while black” before I could get a simple part time job working the register for $10 an hour.

This may be where I was born, but I can assure you this will never be my home or land of dreams and opportunity.

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