What I thought: The Morose Mononokean Series

I finished watching both seasons a few minutes ago and my gosh was it amazing. The anime had me in my feels on several different occasions and smiling a lot. While of course the art design was a bit weird at times, the series was quite enjoyable.

I Found myself wishing a little bit of romance would have popped off, but later on seen the errors of my ways – gaining an understanding that romance would have thrown off the character development for the two main characters as well as other aspects of the series.

A season three is most definitely in order because there are so many questions left unanswered and I really would like to see if a small romance scene could be possible.

Of course the series overall has some bad points.

Pacing was kind of leveled, but they skipped over a lot with small clips of information that sped through a couple seconds with no warning at all. I believe this was to try and remedy questions, but only made me slightly angry because there was no underlying explanation or context.

At some points it was rushed.

The only other things that come to mind were the off putting character designs in some episodes or scenes and the background characters being around, but not really feeling like their important to the story at all.

Look at that weird design on the tiger, made me laugh a bit.

Overall I would rate the series 8.5/10 and I would recommend it for a good watch if you have nothing else to put on.

I truly did enjoy the show.

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