Glory to Japan

Japan is my land of dreams and possibilities,

Always showing me that nothing is impossible with a bit of ingenuity.

Close your eyes and let your mind fly free – for once you’re in Japan,

An open mind is what you”ll need.

Never have I ever wanted to be someplace this badly,

That I would cry myself to sleep at night and think about it so sadly.

Octopus-balls for brunch and strawberry cream sandwiches for desert,

Only someone in Japan could make that combo work.

You ever been to Tokyo tower?

Standing so tall that it makes you feel like Thanos with all the power?

Living in Sapporo than working down to Fukuoka,

Staying Akiba than go chill in Akita.

Visiting fox island I call them kitsune,

Next is bunny island where all the bunnies stay.

Envision yourself eating Kobe beef with a cup of sake,

Being served up raw salmon while you relax like a spa day.

I love Japan, full of wonders and kimonos to,

Putting on a Yukata, I will take a nap and be renewed.

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