Goals and Dreams: Working towards something

Having a goal that is what I believe keeps me motivated. It is nice to sleep and dream of a place where I have achieved all I wanted.

The feelings you get when you see others doing something similar or even just doing your own research makes you feel closer to the dream that sits in your mind.

Every step taken in that direction brings happiness and excitement because you see your goals getting closer. As you approach the desired destination you start to look to the stars for more opportunities to grow and achieve more.

Down the beaten path your mind takes flight and while drifting through the shambles of thoughts a question arises.

What do I want?

A deep question that some believe has only one answer, but others see different ways to process it.

What is it that I want? To become big and famous? maybe a nice car or even plenty of money.

You could search deeper within yourself to discover who you may truly be or even pretending to be, but no matter how a person chooses to define their answer one things remains for sure.

No matter how many times you obtain what you were after this question will always echo throughout your mind. . .

What do I want?

Life for me so far has always been about discovery because all paths I have walked have been dirty, blocked, or fallen through, it’s been pretty hard to achieve anything.

Sometimes I forget that I am a human and that life – in the bigger most realistic sense of the work, is short and a lot of the times sour.

Spending time doing things that you do not desire is not fair to you or to whoever you’re with. Life is meant to be spent trying to be safe, happy and enjoyed.

It’s always nice to wake up doing what you love, having a reason to smile, and knowing that the day was well enjoyed.

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