Steps To Be Remembered

When a person takes a walk down a long forgotten road they tend to look for similarities that give off a comforting aura. A trail of unknown is frightening and some would choose to never walk at all rather than brave said unknown. They say “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.“, but I say the journey began the moment you realized it was there.

Everyone has a choice – multiple choices to be exact and the only person who can force the steps to be taken is the one who stands there.

I fear the walk myself. I thought if I could take my steps than something great would come about, but I’ve let fear and anxiety be a weight that holds me back. With so much being unknown about my path ahead it is no wonder the hesitation persists.

Slowly as I stand there and let the echoes of voices that kept me down fade I begin to realize that there is nothing to fear – though shaken the heaviness felt starts to recede allowing steady movement. The fear is still there, the unknown unbearable and my own hesitation gnawing at me.

Eager to leave this current state of being I bite my lip and take my heavy steps. One by one I move from where I once stood and as I let out a sigh of relief I realize tears have started to fall. The strong desire for progress is being made even if only by a hair.

these steps are difficult and by no means is the hesitation and fear gone, but determined as I am these legs will move onward.

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