I love Isekai!

Have you ever wanted to wake up and be in another world different from your own? Maybe you have even gone so far as to think about how you would like to be transported to this new, unknown world.

By death in your current world,

A mystical rock or magical event,

Somebody drags you there personally or through summons,

or maybe you are reborn there as an infant with all your old memories intact.

There are many ways one can get to theses worlds apparently the most common ones so far is being getting hit by Truck-kun, trapped inside your favorite MMORPG, or just sudden teleportation.

I love Isekai series because they hit a part of my personality, imagination and hobbies! Escaping the world I live in to delve deep into another world, learning all there is, developing my skills and starting my own adventure.

I love to imagine I have powers or special skills that I can use. Enjoying the idea of having epic battles or being able to do all sorts of acrobatic maneuvers to get around. I cannot go an hour without having to pretend or imagine I am doing something only seen in anime and games

2 thoughts on “I love Isekai!

  1. I really enjoy isekai stories. They really do help you travel to new worlds which is part of what fiction does. At the same time, I’d kind of like a little more variety in the form the other worlds take because there is certainly a generic fantasy kind of setting that a lot seem to use as their base with minor variations.

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    1. Thanks for the great comment! and I know what you mean, sadly once these creators find a pattern that their audience is drawn toward the most they tend to get lazy and forget to try an be creative and unique. Games have evolved the same way with generic ideas because it is easier to just remix the same concept over and over again, but it starts getting dry and stale soon after. Even so, I still enjoyed some series like in another world with my smart phone or Death March. (named series that are way to alike and could be 10x betters, but are still fun to watch)

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