Today My Waifu Is: Tohru From Dragon Maid

This article is pretty much done now. Thanks for reading!

Okay, no, I was just joking. Please come back! for real this time. I just have to be honest and admit it. Nobody who watches dragon maid only watches it because it is “cute” or “wholesome”. Look at the way Tohru eyes that shirt and licks it. Admit it, NOW! you wish someone in your life looked at you with that much intensity and devoured you moments later. Hell, I fucking know I do.

Dragon maid is full of waifus that are beautiful and filled with the “LEWD MAGIC” if you know what I’m saying, Hehe. I love Dragon Maid, but I enjoy seeing Tohru the most. Dont me get me wrong though, I enjoy all the lovely dragons.


The cute and THICC gothic lolita dragon with the straight face.


Our bouncy breasted fallen goddess dragon who’s both THICC & Curvy.


Our more serious human food loving dragon who can be quite the air head sometimes.


And lastly the newly added HUGE OPPAI DRAGON (who happens to be forcing her boobs to be that “small”) with THICC THIGHS TO MATCH

Even with this amazing lineup I still have to go with Tohru and if you have to ask me why I will just direct you the first image above. Tohru is a dediecated dragon who’s found happiness and solace within Kobayashi. Her affection is strong and runs deep. Tohru (as well as Ilulu) have made several statements about wanting to have sex with Kobayashi, so if that doesn’t give you clear signs that Tohru loves her than you must not be watching the same anime.

Tohru has changed her life around, works on her mindset daily and dedicates genuine effort to help Kobayashi, as well as, learn from her day to day experiences. The other dragons (as Louca has mentioned about herself in season 2) looked at Tohru’s actions and pretty much followed along for their own various reasons.


Tohru inspired changed in the others without even trying and Kobayashi was the focal point. The amount of pure love, honesty and affection Tohru has to offer is amazing. She creates this desirable ideal of a lover in real life. One who loves you whole heartedly for no other reasons than for you being in their life.

I love Tohru and seeing so many different sides of her only attracts me more, plus she is lewd and makes the horny in me skyrocket. Sometimes I have to pause the anime and reflect on how fucking hot she. Aside from that both Tohru and the anime itself are freaking spectacular.

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