Today My Waifu Is: Shigure From Kemono Michi

A wolf-girl such as Shigure is the ideal Waifu for your adventuring needs. She’s cute, sexy, charming, dependable and at times mischievous. You see, I fell in love with shigure the moment I saw her. I can’t really explain what drew me to her, but what I can say is she has all my attention.


I admire her deep, blue eyes. The paleness of her skin is glistening and her gray hair matches so perfectly with her skin complexation. That beautiful smile she slings my direction stops my heart in it’s tracks and makes my body shiver with pleasure. For such a creature to be so close, yet so far saddens me to my very core.

Both her personality and fluffy ears send me to my happy place. Her sharp tongue and serious side are all things I find very attractive. She knows how to take care of her home and is both stern and supportive of those around her. Someone like Shigure could easily dominate me and I would have no issues whatsoever, but I can also tell she would enjoy being dominated.

I have no more words to express my interests in Shigure. She is easily one of my forever Waifus and nothing will ever change that.

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