Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World – The Animated Series: Impression It Had On Me

So I just finished watching this anime and for the most part it was quite relaxing. This series has been out for a good number of years with a remake being aired in 2017. I am more or less speaking on my thoughts on the anime rather then telling you what it’s about. It’s been out for a fairly long while, so there isn’t much for me to say other than my own personal feelings or impressions.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Kino and Hermes

When I started watching this anime the saying “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step” is what came to mind. The story follows several different people on their various journeys across the world learning, exploring and each with their own goals in mind. Of course the main story is about Kino, but nothing wrong with some side stories in my eyes.

Honestly I was… lost at times. While the series does a great job of keeping you interested with a variety of pleasing characters and interesting countries, I was confused with some aspects of world building or era. With an array of countries, anthropomorphic creatures and machines with modern, futuristic and old styles of civilization I had a difficult time understanding the general world they were living in.

Unlike most anime where the world is pretty much set in stone and understood this anime decides to throws you into a cluster fuck of worlds seemingly pulled from different time periods. Is there magic or no? is this the future or past? are with gladiators or military? While I do understand this is suppose to be a journey it is hard to get into said journey when I can’t even place my thumb on a world, country or era that is being journeyed through.

Other then world building, or the lack thereof, I was pleased to follow the adventures of Kino & Hermes as well as other characters. I don’t see myself giving it a second watch, but if they did come back with a season 2 I would have to wait for it to finish airing before diving into it.

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