I Watched Gakkou Gurashi! And Had A Lot On My Mind Afterwards

I wanted to get this off my mind about this series since I just watched it and my feelings are fresh. I’ve done some reading around on the internet to see what other people said about the series and while I did discover a bunch of mixed views on the show I was surprised to see that nobody actually said they hated it in any way.

Not that I disliked the series at all or anything. I’ve seen my fair share of mixed genres within anime, but nothing like this. I was drown in by the the whole “cute girls doing cute things” plot of the anime – along with adorable and cute art style. I later learned this was a zombie anime as well and didn’t know what to expect.

I dove into the show with really no prior knowledge of it other than what the bio said and came back up with so many mixed feelings. There was love, anger, sadness, fear, happiness and so much more. Enjoying the series isn’t quite the right terminology, but I didn’t dislike it either.

This is a anime from 2015, so plenty of people have had years to see or at least hear of it. I’m a little late to the game, but just wanted throw my two cent in because this was my first time ever hearing of it, you know?

Seeing such cutely drawn aesthetics and light hearted moments really threw me for a loop. There is a zombie apocalypse going on! At the time I was wondering, ” how can two very different genres be mixed together like this?”

I really wasn’t use to this type of exposure and did not know how to enjoy it. One moment I am laughing at funny scene or smiling at how wholesome a moment was then the next minute I am forced to see something scary happen and ruin my mood. Sometimes I wanted to cry because I was enjoying the happy girls having fun only to be reminded of zombies and blood being everywhere.

I usually stay away from horror anime, so this was already 50% out of my comfort zone.

When I got to the last episode I was so drained while at the same time being filled with excitement over everything I had witnessed. I love cute anime, but seeing something I love being whisked around in a horror was not for me. I almost cried because I thought everyone was going to die, but it all sort of work out (somehow) with only the dog they had dying.

The main character Yuki literally saved them all by giving a speech over the school intercom and dismissing all the zombies from school. These creatures actually stopped whatever they were doing and came from wherever they were within the school and all left out the building and through the front gate. In this series multiple hints are dropped that the zombies still have some remembrance of their original lives and that scene proves it 100%.

We also learned that the zombie outbreak was a government project to deal with population control and the teacher (megu-nee) knew about this. Of course this was learned after she had already died, but this still doesn’t change the fact the government did this to their own people.

The school that the girls turned into their home was even built to house survivors during the outbreak and was stocked with both medicines and vaccines for the virus. One of the girls almost turned, but after some scary moments and toils, she was saved thanks to the vaccine obtained moments before.

At the end of all this mess they have to pack up and leave the school. We see a friend of Miki’s who was turned into a zombie walking into the school grounds as their driving out in Megu-nee’s car. Her friend’s name was Kei and they were held up in the mall when the outbreak happened.

Long story short – Kei got fed up of staying there “just staying alive” and left. Miki never saw her again until the last couple of seconds of the last episode. She didn’t point it out to her friends who asked her, “what’s up” only saying that the students really love school.

I really don’t need a season 2 for this because I don’t think I could take it. But I could rate this anime a solid 7/10. I will never be watching this again and will probably be diving into some romance or purely cute anime just to recover.

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