My Ride to Understanding

I can see it now. The path that best suites me best.

The one that involve the darkest aspect of my very soul.

My shadow who knows me the best. Try as I might, fitting into this society is not something I believe possible.

all these repulsive tendencies that have made up our current world and social standings.

Yes! it is all clear to me now.

I have been faking it and lying to myself. Working to craft the perfect mask that will depict the reactions and expectation of those who impose their tasteless ideals onto my form.

I, the master of loneliness and self-appreciation has seen the truth.

From the bottom I can peer into what others refuse to perceive.

I can grasp the whole picture and act accordingly to ensure an outcome of a tasteful desire, rather then follow the hierarchy of those who stand at the top with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Bah! these humans that train in practical understanding of baseless ridicule of others to insure their own standing make me sick, but I also have to admire them.

Their strength to hold onto these cumbersome personas is quite impressive.

Myself? I will soak into the background like shade and watch from my shack as those who play around in the heat crumble under the weight of their own desperate attempts to appease the crowd in their wake.

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