An Imagination Worth Having

When the world comes crashing down I close my eyes.

I let all the troubles on my mind slip away into the sky.

I envision a place of pure calm, where my body and mind find peace.

A crisp breeze that blows across my face whisking the salt away with it.

The scent of a forest behind me with the sounds of waves crashing down in front.

The ground beneath me soft and welcoming.

This world is very scary; depressing, angry and vast.

Closing my eyes lets me smile – lets me travel to a place far away.

I dream the dreams of many dreams I find to be sincere and sweet.

Though the reality will always be the same, I can be whoever or do whatever in a world of my own making.

No matter how much it hurts, how much pain I feel and the agony I withstand.

When I close my eyes, I let all that melt away from.

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