Today My Waifu is – Yue from Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō

I simp for Yue, so I am letting everyone know this now. How do you fit sexy; cute, mature, lewd and slightly kinky into a beautiful vampire girl? it should freaking illegal to be that fucking amazing. I love Yue. I have to admit that she can have my body and my blood served up however she wants and whenever she wants. I mean – have you seen her eyes?

Crimson Eyes

Now you have, yet for some reason I do not feel as though you are drawn to their glory. Her eyes are so deep and red like my heart. I feel her peering into my soul – searching for the answers to the many questions I bring into the world. The natural pink eye-shadow and her slightly pink lashes only draw to her allure, her charm.

In anime it has always been the eyes for me more than anything. A pair of wonderfully crafted eyes can always draw me in no matter what and even turn me on the most. Of course I know there are better crafted eyes in the anime world, but within this singular anime, I am in love with Yue’s.

Deep down I wish Yue was in love with me. I know that her love would be endless and she would rather us die together than either of us alone. She would cherish me as I would her and feel the safest when we’re together. I would never shame her for being herself and in return she would be her most honest self with me.

The kinky behavior, her eyes wondering over my neck and body like a predator looking for the weakest point to attack on the prey. Always so easy going and provocative. I would love every second of being with Yue and she would always be there to make me feel the same.

So strong, intelligent and always has our best interest at heart. She would never lead me astray and never allow another to bring me harm either physically or emotionally. Yue is honestly best girl when it comes to the Arifureta series.

In my eyes… Yue would be a great Waifu to have.

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