My Sister, My Writer Had Me In My Thoughts For A Moment

This series hit different with me in one of the scenes because I to am aspiring to become a writer. In all honesty I have seen better anime involving young authors, but there was a scene in episode six that really made me have to stop and think for a moment.

A question was brought up about how to become a better writer. Though there are many answers to this question the reply was, “to inhabit your character in order to make it better.” the follow up statement was, “there are many ways to inhabit your character.”

Thinking on that note I understood this was similar to the popular “fake it till you make it” phrase, but how does one inhabit the mind of their character?

I sat on this idea for a while and really tried to understand what it means. Does it simply mean to express myself through my character or to imbody it as a whole and recreate the entity as though it where myself within my own story? Either way I believe I understood it myself to some degree and want to try it.

I have a long way to go in order become a good writer. I don’t truly know yet how far I want to take it, but each day I write and express myself I know I feel good and so far I am happy with that much.

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