Across the Sea For Me

Japan is a place I truly desire to visit. of course there are other places in Asia I would love to see as well, but more than anything in my life I desire to be within Japan. To visit is but only a dream I see when my eyes are closed and the stars are high above, but one day I will awake to scent of cherry blossoms in the spring and the sound of citizens slurping their udon

Learning the Japanese culture is more than I could ever hope for and indulging my urges to explore and lose myself within the wonders of the cafes and shrines is pure bliss. Having grown tired of my own life here in America from an early age I have always looked to Asia as a place to settle – a new world to inhabit.

Land of the rising sun

The culture, the food, the people and the land. It has all been so close to my heart for as long as I can remember. Sadly all my knowledge can only be gained from others who have visited, live there, make content from there or my own research. While that in and of itself is valuable nothing would thrill me more than to go there myself and create my own experiences.

Of course I understand that this will take hard work and dedication, as well as, some sacrifices, but I am willing to give up a lot in pursuit of my drams and a better life for myself. In truth I have given up much already just to live as I do now, so to slowly work towards a better goal – a better life is nothing in comparison.

The city of anime and otaku culture.

Choosing a place to visit for my first trip to Japan was not difficult in the slightest. Akihabara is the very first spot I want to hit. Electric Town, weeb central, the otaku heaven. I need to be here with my own eyes and visit all the the stores and cafes around!

In truth I was hoping to visit this place within my twenties, but with how my luck in life has been I most likely won’t be touching this place until my thirties. I am fine with that, but I felt that being a bit younger would have been better. My plan is to have $25,000 put away just for otaku activities. I know that’s a steep goal, but I can always make adjustments.

But lets get to the truth of Akihabara. Behind all the happiness and joy are the lewds and hentai. The 18+ and offbrand. Manga and games alike. I want to get my hands on legit dating sims and eroge. The sweet stuff I could never get ahold of in America. Once in Japan my apartment with be filled with lewds of all kinds and I am proud to admit that.

Visiting hot springs and all corners of Japan is another goal of mines, but I will truly need to work hard and smart in order to acquire the funds for those activities. Doing what I have to for the sake of my hobbies.

I have a lot I seek and even more to accomplish, but I believe in myself and I will do what I need to in order to make my delusions a reality.

2 thoughts on “Across the Sea For Me

  1. It’s nice to see someone as driven and motivated as you are. My teachers would always tell me to suffer today and enjoy tomorrow. So keep at it! I hope you’ll truly be able to follow your dreams!

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