A Future So Vivid

When I close my eyes I see the land of my dreams, I see the home of my future self living his best.

I see Akihabara a beautiful city full of technology; games, manga and anime all around.

I can smell all the amazing food; ramen, ice cream with gold on it, and melon bread and udon.

I see the women wearing kimonos; the happy kids playing in the park and the sound of the bells in the shrine being rung for the gods to hear.

I feel the air with moisture on it from the ocean which is so close.

The sight of mount Fuji on the horizon looking so gorgeous and strong.

The calm rural land of Fukushima and Okayama prefecture and many more.

My happiness increasing with the land soothing my soul.

Teaching English,

Blogging and writing,

Collecting anime items and games, finally able to enjoy my Otaku ways.

Creating fun videos and learning so much.

Taking long walks or bike rides and finally feeling alive.

I see change when I sleep.

I see what I want; what I need, what I desire to live for, I see…

My home.

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