Polygamy In Anime Doesn’t Go Far Enough

You’re sitting down watching an anime and your typical male MC doing his thing. He’s approached by not one, not two, not three, but five different women and now has a little harem on his hands. These girls love the MC (for whatever reason) and will do anything for him – and I mean ANYTHING.

Regardless of whatever personality trait they fall under or how they pursue him they all both love and desire him. Of course normally the MC is a dense, scary virgin who always runs away and doesn’t know how to handle it, but we all know this is the norm.

When the idea of an MC having the opportunity to “have his way” with any of these thirsty lust filled girl is thrown into the playing field I find myself filled with rage because I know nothing will happen. In practice a polygamy is having more than one spouse (husband or wife), so can anime harems really be considered a polygamy?

My answer is yes. Why? because in the short of it, a harem in anime is based on the MC having multiple choices, multiple partners to choose from. Even if they aren’t in an official relationship it’s pretty clear their strongly connected and that is enough for me.

In this season of 2021 we are exploring more deeply into the idea of a Polygamy within anime with series like Girlfriend, Girlfriend or How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom. The idea of multiple partners being obtained through conversation or nationally accepted as a whole is interesting. Either way the cookie crumbles I am all for it.

Sadly I do know I can’t see things go too far within normal anime, as far as, deepening love goes, but I mean if you’re already dishing out the extreme ecchi I say take it a little further, right? You took the time to gather this array of beautiful women just to NOT do anything with them? I mean sure throw them around in sexy poses and lingerie all day, but where’s the extreme kissing scenes? or the confidence to invite another woman in for some fun?

I have so many imaginative things I want to do with half the anime series I watch that have multiple girls and nothing being done with them other than falling down or strong kisses every now and again, but I guess I would be creating hentai at that point and not anime. (not that I am upset with that).

Long story short, I am just a lewd fucker and I have issues.

3 thoughts on “Polygamy In Anime Doesn’t Go Far Enough

    1. It’s just something I could never help but think about. Of course I understand that some series take it as far as you can go, “High school DxD” always being a great example as always, but even still that’s just extreme ecchi. I’ve always felt like maybe things could go just a tad bit further.


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