Seeing Combatants Will Be Dispatched! has me honestly lost for words.

This series can be summed up with one picture. (see below)

Combat Agent Six whipping out the D

I don’t really know how else to explain this series. You honestly need to watch it to truly understand it’s craziness and glory. Aside from other “anime” like Redo of a Healer or Interspecies Reviewers this is probably the closest thing to a hentai you’ve seen on screen in an “anime”. This anime is highly ecchi and filled with lewd, comedic scenes.

The cast varies between Six and several other girls, so it’s always full of funny times. I enjoyed it nonetheless, but I am also at a loss for words on how to really explain this anime. I do suggest you wear headphones and lock your door. It may not be High School DxD, but its damn close enough.

The Group

The cast is loveable and the adventures they deal with are all crazy. It can be quite serious at times, but this anime is all about laughs, lewds and being a villain… I guess. Enjoy!

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