I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level – What did I think of it?

After finishing this series I was left feeling quite fulfilled. A sweet anime about a woman who died from overworking and was then allowed to become an immortal seventeen year old witch in another world. This series is not about killing the demon lord or fighting to save the world. It’s about the peaceful everyday life of an immortal girl.

Our protagonist and her slime daughters

While watching the anime I was surprised at how into it I was. I was expecting some slow, mumbo-jumbo about nothing other than a girl doing pretty much nothing daily, but was very happy to see I was wrong. It runs a fair bit deeper and is about family, creating a home and community.

This sweet anime also has its fair share of action with a sprinkle of ecchi. There is also a tiny bit of romance, but it mostly leans back into a super deep family love. The anime was beautifully put together and the comedy was even and done well.

When I think about dislikes of the series nothing really comes to mind. Enjoying Azusa Aizawa (the protagonist) build a family of different species and go on cool adventures to different places was amazing. I felt right at home and nothing was out of place or overdone.

Nothing like a thick elf to spice things up

I will be giving this anime a re-watch once the English dub finishes, but I can confidently say this deserves a watch. It’s not to serious, loads of laughs and has a good amount of action and ecchi for those with more cultured tastes. I forgot to mention that Azusa Aizawa is also OP, so that is always pretty fun to see.

Azusa fighting Beelzebub in tournament

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