Elegant Youkai Apartment Life was an entertaining watch

I finished this anime last week and I have to say it was a good watch. The anime was about a high school kid who moves into a Youkai apartment. There he learns life lessons, make new friends and learns more about the world around him.

Do not get me wrong the series is defiantly different from your usual drama filled, horror driven Youkai series, but this is defiantly a nice change of pace. Watching someone go through different struggles to grow and help others is amazing and I believe this anime has done a nice job at exploring this.

Main Cast

Anime that I believe have a somewhat similar vibe to Elegant Youkai Apartment Life are series like Natsume’s book of friends, Mob Psycho 100 and The Morose Mononokean. Something major that I believe all these series share is that each of the protagonist is looking for acceptance in life.

Acceptance from more then just the people around them, but maybe even from the Youkai or more importantly… Themselves. At any rate, I enjoyed the series quite a bit and while it is not among my top ten series of this type I am glad I watched it nonetheless.

The series is more comical then anything – of course there are those scenes that happen to be a bit more drama filled, but it always immediately makes light of the situation afterwards. It is not very emotionally stable, so be prepared to get a little hyped up or teary-eyed just to be like “huh?” a second later.

There is a bit of ecchi (I really mean – a bit) and there is no romance. The anime is filled with life lessons, learning experiences and personal development both amongst himself and his friends and family.

A relaxing anime filled with new encounters, fun times and learning along the way is always a good anime in my book. As long as it’s done right I can’t really complain about it.

Give it a watch!

If nothing else then give it a watch! The anime is well paced and the story is quite nice. Don’t expect crazy anime fights or some intense romance. Just hop in for plenty of laughs, good times and seeing the growth of a young man living a crazy life.

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