“Accidental” panty flashes in anime can sometimes be annoying to me. Here’s why!

We all know the common cliché in anime where panty shots (or flashes) make up a lot of scenes. There is nothing wrong with that, but what does happen, to get to me, is the reactions from some of these shots.

Imagine a guy is walking down the road on his phone, right? He’s enjoying his walk without a care in the world. Now this girl is just running down the road adjacent at full speed. She clearly sees him, but instead of reacting normally by, oh I don’t know, slowing down or going around, she decides to jump over an object on the pathway while yelling “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” and as he notices last second (like any normal person would) they collide and fall.

What do you think happens next? well, I shall tell you.

They both sit up in obvious pain and as the other pedestrians look onward noticing what happened the boy gets up and see the obvious. Her legs are wide open because she also fell and after she realizes her legs are spread she closes them, gets mad at the guy she ran into and slips him while proceeding to call him a pervert. Not to mention she runs away afterward. The onlookers who clearly seen what happened all decide to give him a dirty look like it’s his fault.

Anime – Ben-to

Why must my anime men be blamed for many a situations like this? Sure many people will say it was his fault for being on the phone, but why does he have to accept responsibility for a girl who was running, jumping over objects in the middle of a crowded walkway AND doing both activities while wearing a shirt?

That’s like a naked woman walking outside than calling the police on the first man (or woman) who seen her naked and saying they sexually harassed her. Like seriously? The world doesn’t revolve around said naked woman because she does not want to be seen. The real question would then be, why did she come outside naked in the first place?

It’s ridiculous! plenty of people saw what happen, but because she slaps him and calls him a pervert it just HAS to be his fault. It annoys me and sometimes I want to turn an anime off because it happens so often. Take this scene from Gleipnir for instance.

Obviously Her Responsibility

My boy Shuichi just sitting here chilling. The red head comes in and sits like this right in front of him and seriously doesn’t have a second thought about it until her friend says, ” your underwear”. afterward she fixes herself, gets embarrassed and calls him a pervert while proceeding to throw an object at him.

Of course Shuichi was in thought and while in said thoughts it appeared his gaze was focused right between her legs, so it’s a misunderstand on his part as well, but the overall blame lies with her.

She sat down in front of him. She’s the one wearing the skirt and flashing panties to the world. It’s not his fault that she forgot how she was dressed. It’s upsetting that girls in anime sometimes act like this, but it ends up being the male’s fault because she want to act free and wild while wearing skirt.

I mean his friends noticed as well, but they did not say anything until her friend spoke up. Their the real perverts, not Shuichi.

Please don’t get me wrong though! I enjoy panty shots and flashes just as much as the next degenerate. I understand that just like ice cream there are many flavors of said shots and flashes. I just shed a tear that my boys have to take the L for some of these juicy peeks every once in a while.

Anastasia Nasuhara from OniAi

4 thoughts on ““Accidental” panty flashes in anime can sometimes be annoying to me. Here’s why!

  1. Yes! This sort of thing happens over and over again and the guy always gets blamed. There’s a scene in Heaven’s Lost Property where Sohara comes into Tomoki’s bedroom and pulls the blanket off him. He’s got a common morning affliction which is entirely uncontrollable and she beats him because of it. She came into his room and pulled the blanket of him. Sohara was completely in the wrong in this situation.

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    1. That’s what I am saying! haha! I get that it makes for good laughs, but I wish people would tone down on making the man the center of blame for stuff like that! As you said Sohara went into HIS room. Whatever he has going on in his private area had nothing to do with her until she made herself present. Beating him for a situation she caused may be funny, but I feel bad for my boy.

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