After seeing “Actually, I am” for a second time I have to admit it was pretty good.

Just finished watching this series and I have to admit it was pretty endearing and full of laughs. The anime is pretty well made and the art is pleasing. The story telling is not complex at all and the plot is quite easy to follow. I felt that nothing was to overbearing, but I do have to take off points for something in particular.

This anime is pretty much a rom-com, but it seems to balance it out pretty well. The romance between the protag (Asahi) and the girls felt a but off balance, but I believe that is because they were saving the best for last (meaning a season two).

When I say “off balance” I mean that romantic development was more apparent with one girl over another. Of course that does not mean it was not intended that way or maybe I am making it more complex than it really was, but either way I still enjoyed it.

In truth, depending on how you look at the anime it was perfectly fine. The ending is where I want to take off point though. The last episode felt really bland. Whether they wanted to leave something for a teaser or they rushed it, regardless of the intention the ending just left me when a bad taste in my mouth

the anime was very chill, funny, cute and at times, sexy. Give it a watch for a good way to pass some time or if you have nothing else to watch at the moment.

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