After watching “Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose” I don’t really know what to feel – Series Review

So this anime started off sort of strong in my opinion. I thought to myself, “This seems like an interesting anime.” and dove in for more, but the more I watched the more I started to get bored with it. The ending was anticlimactic (if you can say a climax was even being built), the relationships never really built up anywhere and during episode twelve they had Haru’s suppose “best friend” sum up the current status of the main four’s relationships which had me like, “huh?”.

It’s almost like they did not have enough time or just did not want to properly develop things correctly, but they did try their hardest to make a lot of scenes emotional and it worked on me. I have to admit I cried twice because things got kind of sad and I could not help, but feel for Haru.

Names are from right to left.

These are the girls who all love Haru (The Childhood Acting Prodigy). Kuroha is the childhood bestfriend they grew up together. Shirokusa is someone who met him when he was still an actor and he changed her life for the better. Lastly is Maria who was a fellow child actress and without the kind words of Haru, probably would not have become the great actress she is today.

Simple set up for each of them and the typical guy who was just being kind. Nothing to special. The thing is they all love him deeply and want to be with him, so as usual this creates a harem and fun times.

I watched this from beginning to end in a single sitting, so I could not only just watch it all, but really have it in my mind. This series was great at creating; sexual, romantic and heart tugging scenes, but it terrible with most of the other things – like plot, character development and story telling.

The major plot of the series is that Haru had a traumatic event happen during his acting days that caused him to retire suddenly. Each girl pretty much steps in; declares their love, aggressively pursues him and eventually helps him overcome his past.

With a plot like that I thought this would turn out pretty well, but the anime made the simplest things complicated and was way to simple with things that should have been more complex, ie – intense romantic development in the middle and a ending to match the impact of love that has been shown.

Kuroha’s Sisters

Oh, I forgot the mention that Kuroha also has three little sister who by the end all fall in love with him as well. It was not explored or anything, but they threw that curve ball in just for the fun of it and the extra bit of ecchi I guess. their super freaking cute, so no complaints from me.

Either way you slice it, the anime gets a 5.5 out of 10 from me. The series was good for a couple of laughs and some super enticing scenes to get one excited, but other than that I was just disappointed by the end of it.

The art was amazing and I could really tell where the budget went. It was to make sure everyone looks as pretty and appealing as possible, so they could really exploit those sexy scenes.

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