A Never Ending War

The words in my heart truly speak to my best wishes, while my mind plots the best possible choices.

I struggle with two varying opinions within my soul. In times like these I close my eyes and hope for a moment when I can be at peace again.

The clashing of two warriors is an amazing thing, I see that, but when the warriors are two master it can make things a bit uneasy.

These days the clashing never seems to end.

I know what needs to be done. I’ve done all the planning, looked at all my options and I am prepared to set out.

Though the master of my heart prays I do differently, otherwise I suffer from the pains of stress and emotional instability.

My body fights against me and though I wish it ends now, I know only time will settle the two down.

Regardless of which choice I make there will be suffering and regret.

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