Am I a Hikikomori (Recluse or Shut-in)

If I had to answer that question straight with no jokes or anything, my reply would be yes, I am a Hikikomori. Do I take shame in being a recluse? Hell no! because I am a top tear shut-in an epic NEET. I chose this lifestyle.

Living and working from my home has always been a dream of mines while growing up. Having the ability to work from anywhere was always appealing to me. The thought of having a full-blown career from the comfort of my own home was even more enticing.

There are loads of jobs and career options that allow a person to live and work on the go or stationary in their accommodations. I for one want to do a little bit of both, I would not necessarily call it journalism, but I do not mind traveling around Asia creating reviews, meeting new people and exploring new places while writing, taking pictures and small video clips about what I enjoyed.

I am not apposed to working for companies at all. They are the ones I would be finding work with 50% of the time while the rest would be from job boards and small business owners looking for freelancers to hire.

Of course If I was to build a small team then we could find way more work, earn more money and that would be way better.

Living in my home is normal, but hardly ever leaving it is something entirely different. According to BBC NEWS in Japan there are reported to be more then half a million Japanese men (and some women) who have completely turned their backs on society and refuse to leave their homes. Japan in response to this have created something called Rent-a-Sister whom are paid to get close to these people and try an coax them out of hiding.

Honestly I am not that kind of recluse, besides, these people still have to go outside to buy clothes, food, support their hobbies, and personal items, so they are not totally lost. Japanese people in their own way have a lot of weird problems that we never hear of in other parts of the world.

A lot of these men (and some women) turn into Hikikomori for many reasons, but a notable reason is because they are scared of women. They have had a bad experience with a girl, either in school or the work place and do not understand how to talk to them or know what their thinking.

You get where I am going with this right?

I am sure there are those who have more of a higher leveled reason for doing so. Most of these men (and some women) are between the ages of 18 to 37 and it is quite the problem apparently.

I do not know if this is bad or good frankly because women have taken it upon themselves to open up assortments of cafes and such to earn money from these men who are scared to, get this. . . . TALK TO GIRLS! these types of workers can earn anywhere from 650 to 900 dollars a month (maybe even more) and that is just for the rent-a-sister who goes to the patients home.

These type of men who shut themselves away from the world because they are scared of girls and do not get them will pay thousands of yen to LITERALLY talk to girls in a café, lay on their laps and get head pats among other things.

They could do all that for free if they just talk to girls normally. There are problems with the women as well, but I do not have enough basic information to go writing about them.

Their problems and their Japanese ideals are good for them, but also bad. Having sex and producing offspring is one of them. Japan was literally considering making a visa that would pay foreigners to come to Japan with the intent of trying to get their woman pregnant. I call that super desperate.

Back on to the main topic though.

I am a recluse and I love it, yet I do understand that there are deeper issues with the actually Hikikomori in Japan.

Making the effort to get out the house and work or have basic interactions is something I always strive to do. Being a shut-in by choice; traumatic event (regardless how big or small), out of fear or by whatever other means are all okay.

At any rate, being a recluse is not all bad. No shame in wanting to interact with the outside world as little as possible.

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