I watched Kiss Him, Not Me and I did not really enjoy it

So I do not really have much to say about this anime. I gave it a watch (two actually) and I just did not really enjoy it. The anime in itself was more or less about the weird facial expressions (because the main female lead was highly into BL = Boys Love) and tugging at your heart strings with painstakingly thrown together doki-doki moments.

BL is amazing!

The anime did not really venture off into any real character development other than the fact that the male leads adjusted their views on both love and the female protagonist. There were times when I just wanted to genuinely turn it off, but I hate not finishing an anime I started, so I powered through.

The characters were pretty bland, did not really have any depth to them and any intention of trying to show real growth was rushed and had little impact on myself as the viewer. I did not really feel connected to them.

Looks are all they have honestly

I understand that not all anime needs the viewer to “relate”, but sometimes a series tries to play the role of being distant while wanting to draw you in and that is what “Kiss Him, Not Me” was doing. They did a bad job at it though.

Don’t get the me wrong though. The art style was very nice and the voice acting was great, but the story in itself was just off to me and I couldn’t get into it. I feel like the anime tried way to hard to throw comedy into a romance while still trying to keep the drama strong.

There were some pretty cool moments where I thought like, “wow! that’s so cool!.”, but other than that I was uninterested in the series. The ending was a real let down. They just sort of threw some weird comedic bit into a pretty serious situation and than that was it.

cool moment. Boys defend girls while at the beach.

I was left feeling irritated, unsatisfied and quite frankly bewildered at how this became an anime, but than again a lot of weird series get an adaptation. I say this is a pretty good watch if you want some teasing comedic relief, but do not look for anything to happen more than that.

How did everyone else feel about the show if you watched it? I would love to hear some thoughts. If I had to rate it, it would be a 5.5 out of 10 in my book.

The main characters

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