I wish you the best, Kiryu Coco

I’ve missed a chance. A chance to achieve a goal or dream bigger than myself.

A dream that was destroyed by the cruel reality of life.

I’ve lost the moment and was left with a memory – a vision of what could have been.

The fate I desired will never come to be, yet I remain strong while the summer rain falls upon my cheeks.

Possibilities remain endless, but in this moment… I fail to see how.

Legends come and go, but it is by chance if one can be met and I have missed that chance.

To you – the one I desired to meet, you will be missed.

To you – the one who started it, I regret that you are gone.

To you – an amazing human being, I have nothing, but good wishes and good faith in your life.

Standing strong will be what I do, but for now I cry in sadness that you will no longer be here anymore.

You will be missed, loved and cherished for as long as I live.

Vtuber – Kiryu Coco

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