Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway

I honestly enjoyed the anime more than I thought I would. I do remember seeing it on MAL (myanimelist) and thinking this seems like a very interesting anime. I’m glad I waited for most of the episodes to drop, but having to wait week by week for the last five were torture.

Sayu and Yoshida

The description is pretty much in the title of this show. Sayu ran away from home for various reasons and did a lot of… Things to get by. Yoshida stumbles upon her while walking home from drinking and invites her to stay with him. That is pretty much the real start of the anime.

How does a man and woman who aren’t lovers or family live together? Not to mention the difference in age is quite controversial. This was every bit as interesting as I thought it would be and it really pulled my heart strings.

Sometimes when watching shows like this I try to keep an open-mind. With the age when one could seemingly devouring anime left and right with no bias gone I’ve tried my best to be understand a lot of series I watch – hoping to create a palette of my own.

I quite enjoy drama and romance series – they fill me with cringe, laugher, tears, joy and many other emotions. Sometimes I find a good one while at other times I dislike what I find, but it’s nice to give everything a chance.

Such a beautiful drawing of Sayu.

I would most definitely give this a re-watch later down the line. It was very enjoyable and while I do feel like the artwork was a bit off at times, it was still great.

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