Re Zero Season 2 Part 2 Had Me Feeling Good!

I finally watched the second part of Re Zero (season two) and I have to admit that it had me feeling amazing by the end of it. Tappei Nagatsuki really knows what he’s doing and I hope he keeps it up.

My boy Subaru out here going through so much and as usual – has to figure out what to do in all these fucked up situations he gets thrown into. Watching as his best friend Otto (though its hard to tell when they became such fast friends) knocked some sense into him and got him on track.

Watching Subaru get into gear and doing everything right the next time is great. I hate watching him suffer, but when he finally gets everything correct it because very apparent how smart, sensible and charismatic he can be. Don’t get me wrong though, I would not ask to be in his shoes at all though. Ha ha ha.


After what seems like an eternity Subaru and Emilia share a heartfelt kiss. She’s come a long way from when they first met, but her heart is finally starting to warm up to him. I can see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice. The affection for Subaru is becoming clear and soon we could be seeing her fall for him. If she hasn’t accepted it already.

Lovely Beatrice

What I really enjoyed out of THE ENTIRE SEASON are the moments leading up too and after Beatrice and Subaru make their contact. She was so damn adorable. Listening to her beautiful and sweet voice shout his name over and over again with such intense love and affection was enthralling.

Subaru managed to changed someone who had been struggling with life for four hundred years. In seemingly a single night he changed the heart of an amazing spirt and gave her everything she wanted, needed and more. I remember her stating (as Roswell told her Subaru would never see her as his number one) that she wanted make Subaru her number one. She’s fallen completely in love with him and I can’t wait to see their relationship develop further.

Puck being an adorable badass.

There were two sad parts to this though. I am not sure why Puck had to break the contract with Emilia. After having a conversation with Subaru while Emilia slept, he breaks their contract. Though he makes several appearances to help with Subaru’s plan – I cannot be one hundred sure as to why he broke their contract.

Another sad thing is Rem. Two seasons (which is technically just suppose to be one, but got split into two parts of the same season) have been spent on fixing the current issues. Our beautiful Rem has been in a coma forever now and I for one am sad to not hear her voice or see her in action. I hope this can be solved in the next season, but I doubt it.

At any rate I’m super happy with the outcome of the series thus far. We got to see a lot of backstories on several characters – PLUS Subaru has added Beatrice to his growing harem!

I fucking love Beatrice. Aside from Rem, she tugs my heart strings a bit more.

Seeing Beatrice pouting and looking for praise and attention after their battle with the rabbits was especially pleasing. I loved how she was only happy and embarrassed as Subaru picked her up and started spinning around saying a bunch of loving things.

I also quite enjoyed seeing her sitting in Subaru’s lap while everyone had their meeting with Roswell.

Rem is number one, but Beatrice was most definitely given the spotlight this time around.

Overall I truly loved this season and I believed it wrapped up nicely. Can’t wait for season three!

Subaru & Beatrice

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