Horimiya: Quite a Beautiful Anime

I just finished a beautiful series called Horimiya and Honestly I was pleased by the ending. Well I say pleased, but I felt it was rushed and few things were left unexplored, but overall it was a very masterful show and I enjoyed it a lot.

Watching romantic series with a splash of comedy and the right amount of slice of life makes me feel all fuzzy inside. You tend to believe life could play out like that or you just happen to really resonate with what is going on with the characters.

At the end of the series as Miyamura is monologuing – his words almost made me want to cry. I know its all imaginary and this couple does not really, but as he explains his thoughts and feelings towards the world and Hori it created this sense of longing deep within my heart. I felt a connection with his words and the way he explained his love and new found views.

Miyamura Izumi

Honestly I have to say that my favorite character is Miyamura, not because he is the male lead of the show, but because I can relate to him. Most of my life growing up was similar, but of course I didn’t go through the amazing change he did by graduation – though I can relate the start of his journey.

A humble young man growing up, making friends, finding love and facing his past with a smile rather than a frown. Truly a growth worth respect.

Yuki Yoshikawa

Choosing my second favorite character was a bit difficult, but I decided to go with Hori’s best friend Yuki. Why would I choose Yuki over the female lead Hori? Because I relate to Yuki probably the most out of the entire series. Understanding the pain of allowing what you love or desire be taken away from you or slip by is hard for most, but some find it easy.

The emotions and mental stain it has on a person for doing so is heavy. I would let another get in line in front of me even though I made it first. I remember countless times I wanted to say “I like you”, but didn’t. Recalling all the times I didn’t buy what I wanted, go do what I wanted or speak the way I wanted felt like second nature, but hurt so bad and I regretted it.

I still tend to do this, even after all this time, but I am getting better at voicing my feelings even if only by a little.

Hori and Miyamura

The series overall is a very enjoyable one and if you are into Romance, Comedy and Slice of Life than I highly recommend giving this a watch. It’s pretty much a smooth series up to episode eleven which was pretty much a mishmash of different scenes of the characters doing things or random events. The last two episodes felt a bit rushed, but overall it is very enjoyable and you’ll definitely find your favorite character(s).

If you enjoy watching people figure out life and developing new ideals and views of life around them than Horimiya is a place you should stop by. I would rate it a solid 8/10.

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