Otaku or No-taku?

So a new year means new anime series, new crazy people trying to cancel series before they even drop, and new degenerates being born. In our community we discover the wonders and diversity of our hobbies and the “dangers” they bring.

I use “dangers” lightly because we all love our hobbies or passions regardless of how others see them. Sadly some people will be giving up their anime loving ways for the sake of societal standards (fucking weak normies) so a moment of silence for our lost brothers and sisters.


Now for those of us who LOVE anime I ask you, “will anime forever be in your hearts? will you function as a normal member of society like a normie? or will you guide your soul down an epic path of your creation!?!?”.

2021 is a time of embracing who we are and standing by what we love more then anything!

Clean off that “Off brand” and start fresh

I want you all to follow these steps to refresh our anime unity!

1. Restart your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

2. open your window and take the deepest breath in and out.


3. Whether you shout it to the sky or say it softly – say this,” Otaku are unique, Oppai is life, thick thighs save lives, and anime is my culture.”

Mean those words, add or take away what you want, but own whatever you say! Give birth to a refreshed otaku.


Anime is forever a part of us! whether you read manga, play games, watch anime, collect items or a combo of all. Us degenerates anime loving otaku will never back down from the amazing world that has been built!

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