Oppai VS No-pai

For as long as anime history has been “standing” and “forthcoming”  we have waged war on many a topics from who’s best girl all the way to which personality of anime character you prefer. (I quite prefer the Kuudere)

For many years our wars have been insightful and never without it’s excitement, which brings me to a long asked question.

Oppai or No-pai (loli)

There are many anime where the MC encounters numinous girls in which all personalities, breast size and character type differs. He is sometimes (meaning most of the time) caught in their rivalry for either their affections, sex appeal or simply whos’ breast size he loves more. Sadly The MC is always a wimp and can never make up his mind or take advantage of these golden moments.


If you personally ask me – I honestly cannot choose either, I mean on one hand, lolis (or flat chested girls of legal age. . . . yeah, lets go with that) have their own appeal. Their small and budding beauties whom I want to protect and take care of. They make me feel at ease and when the day was long and rough I can always count on them for comfort. . . Plus those eyes are kawaii as heck and send shivers down my spine.

I prefer this character design of Rias Gremory.

Than on the other hand, oppai has its benefits as well. An image of a mature woman carrying around all the dreams of man in two soft, ample, cushions. She knows all the buttons to push, strives to make me feel like a man anyway possible and her walk radiates independence. The way she voices her assurance in obtaining my heart and soul and will not back down in pursuing me – all while standing by my side no matter what.


It is a hard choice to make and there are way more opinions on the matter other than what I said.

Be you man or woman, oppai or no-pai is for everybody to choose, so I shall ask you all again!

with which side do you stand!


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