Top 3 Favorite Anime Series


So my No.1 spot has to go to the amazing series “No Game No Life” . just for a quick summary of the series this show revolves around two hikikomori step-siblings. They are an inseparable pair known as blank in the online gaming world (might I also add that Blank is unbeatable). They are challenged to a game of chess by a God named Tet from another reality. Blank is victorious, brought to another reality and offered a new life in a world completely centered around games. It aired Spring of 2014

I am in loved with No Game No Life and have re-watched the series a hand full of times. This duo is top dogs when it comes to intelligence, manipulation, and games! It is a comedy based series that will forever offer fun times, serious moments that will take your breath away and an entire array of characters that you will fall in love with.

I recommend this 10/10 and find nothing wrong with it in my opinion.


Next on the list is a series that started in Fall of 2018 with twenty-four episodes for season one and season two airing right now. To give a little bit of background this show is about a former 37-year-old man named Satoru Mikami after he is killed by a passing robber. Broken free from the ordinary his fresh adventure in a fantasy world as a slime monster named “Rimuru Tempest” with unique abilities begins.

It is a very entertaining series full of laughs, well scripted fights and characters, a story that is overflowing with greatness and entertaining for anyone who like their fan service without it being over-baring.

It is well thought out and perfectly balanced unlike “In another world with my smartphone” or “Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody”. Both of those shows are good in their own and I cannot wait for season the season 2 to both of them.

I recommend this 100/10 and find nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

Overlord Anime Characters.jpg

Overlord made my favorite lists because it hit plots and ideas that are not dry and used up like in other isekai series. The show is about a popular virtual reality game “Yggdrasil”, However, Momonga – a powerful wizard and master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, decides to spend his last few moments in the game as the servers begin to shut down. To his surprise despite the clock having struck midnight Momonga is still fully conscious as his character and moreover the non-player characters appear to have developed personalities of their own!

Confronted with this abnormal situation Momonga commands his loyal servants to help him investigate and take control of this new world with the hopes of figuring out what has caused this development and if there may be others in the same predicament.

This show has a bit of comedy in it, but it does lean toward more of a horror, action, adventure type. The characters are well designed and instead of making our main lead OP (which he is) he has a more cunning side and uses wit and connections over his immense power to get what he wants/needs.

The series strongly reminds me of the villain behind glasses from Log Horizon, but with way more action and loads to explore. The story is well told and the plot interesting with none of those dried up tropes. It first aired in summer of 2015 and currently has 3 seasons.

I recommend this 9.5/10 and the only problem I find with this series is after season one it starts to be more about other characters in the world rather then Ains and how he interacts with the world. Almost like the show drifts off a bit to far from him.

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What’s your favorite Anime Series and why? Tell me all about it!

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