Boarding School Juliet: To Watch or Not to Watch

A series that I finished awhile back is based off of the Shakespeare story “Romeo and Juliet” and I found it quite interesting.

Starting Series Turf Battle

The show kicks off introducing the two sides about to fight. To the right are the black doggies and to the left we have the white cat. As you can guess by the two locked in combat in the middle are our main characters, Romeo and Juliet.

The story has a political aspect to it just like the Shakespeare version. Two feuding countries, but the prince from one side falls in love with the princess from the other, yet through the odds of families and laws that would keep them apart they work to remain together until they both decide to meet a deadly end for the sake of love.

Though this is a romance and comedy series


Nobody actually dies though it was almost close.

Now for a brief induction of some of the characters, I enjoyed.

Inuzuka Romeo

This kind fellow is the main male lead of our story. Please do not let that scary face fool you because he is quite the understanding and gentle being. It appears in the series that he, as well as, many others grew up together in the same place or at least went to the same schools all their lives. His crush started on Juliet about grade school and he’s been in love with her all the way to high school, but as typical of anime he was to scared to tell her.

He is part of the black doggies and is known as the dorm’s leader (until he loses in the sports tournament against an injured Juliet for ummm. . . reasons.) and his childhood friend, Hasuki, takes over.

At any rate he is not all that smart, but when it comes to skill in fighting and pure passion, this guy will always come out as number one.

Hasuki Komai

This busty young lady is the childhood friend of Inuzuka and quite the spirited one. She met Inuzuka in grade school due to her small comment about how to solve a math problem on his paper. After that encounter and Inuzuka’s fascination with how smart she was, he ask to be friends and they studied together, thus, helping Hasuki make friends and develop into the sassy woman she is now. She is also in love with Inuzuka because he helped change her.

She has helped our protagonist many a time, but she will not hesitate to whip out her glasses and get him into shape as well as the entire dorm

Inuzuka tells Hasuki his secret about dating Juliet

She does not take it so well in the start.

Now on to our main female lead.

Persia Juliet

The bright, blue eyed, intelligent, strong, independent, blonde female protagonist of our story who enjoys wearing white underwear with gather-belts is the lover our male lead. She is quite stunning to look at, but do not make the mistake of letting that fool you because you will regret it.

She grew up along side the other and has been feuding with Inuzuka since grade school. It is unclear if she even liked him during this time, but it is very clear by the end of the series she admits she loves him very much, though, I believe this is after spending time with him.

She grew up in the typical cliche life style of a blonde girl like this. Father always ignored her, but demands heaven and earth of her. Being a female noble she is looked down upon and has to fight harder then anyone to prove herself and wants to change the world for obvious reused anime reasons.

She’s quite the pro when it come to sports and I bet you could never pass her when it comes to grades. All around her personality is pretty evened out to me, I do not believe I could give her a -dere title even though I want to.

It is clear she has a lot on her shoulders and pushes herself to be better all the time. I do enjoy characters like this, though the trope is getting used way to much and needs spice to it.

Westia Chartreux

The last character I would like to go over is this sadistic little snow flake here. She takes quite the liking to using tools and bribery to mess with other people and she enjoys causing misfortune to others if it amuses her. I personally hate when things like bribery are used.

To add some icing with her strawberry she is known as “The Tyrant Princess of the West” that is indeed one hell of a nickname for such a pretty babe like this huh? Well you best keep all your secrets a pretty good secret if you do not want her claws in you.

She was the first one to figure out that Juliet and Romeo were dating and constantly belittled and bribed Inuzuka because she found out and had proof this.

Though after some time through the encouragement of Juliet (who did not find out the situation until later) helped Inuzuka push through this until he found something to bribe Char with and escape this loop of pet dog.

Char’s secret? She’s a stalker and is in love with Juliet who is her childhood friend, “Whoa! two childhood friends at one time getting rejected.” I thought that was funny. Char turns out to be a pretty reliable and sweet young girl. She just grew up never having to worry about being disciplined and became greedy and selfish.

Inuzuka Confesses his love to Persia

In conclusion, I loved the series.

The only part I hated was when Char started using bribery, after that passed I enjoyed every second of this. I would rank this on a scale of 8.5/10 and would most defiantly recommend it.

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