Beastars: Quite the interesting anime

I am so impressed with this anime so far! It had me feeling so many emotions and on the edge of my seat a couple of times. I may have known I was a slight furry, but this anime has truly shown me the light.

Anthropomorphic animals living similar lives as normal humans and going through all the emotional and dramatic changes as well. Truly a work of art.

All I can really say is the series is turning out to be something beautiful and filled with a meaningful story with characters just as compelling. I wish I could have been reading the manga all this time, but at least I get to enjoy a small piece of this magnificent world now. I’ll be sure to collect the manga someday.

Check out this video for a proper explanation on the series as a whole – Manga and anime.

So far the character I feel I mesh with the most is Legosi – the lead character whom the show revolves around. I can understand his constant struggle to find his place in the world. Having no real sense of who he is and what to become. Of course accepting reality is understandable, but what if the world you lived in shunned you or outlawed who you are entirely? how would you adjust to something like that?

His constant desire to fit in and be happy reminds me of myself and how I dream of finding my place in this world as well my own body. I want to discover true happiness while creating a little peace of heaven.

All the characters you meet are going through something similar, but are always there to create a situation which changes Legosi in some form or fashion.

I believe if I were to sum up the what I’ve seen so far in one word it would have to be. . . . Exhilarating.

Bonus Fact: This anime is being produced on Netflix by studio orange, so you can expect 3D with a combination regular animation. Trust me, it’s better than you would imagine.

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