A Friend in Dimmer Places

I see it.

The darkness that eludes me so. My soul beckons for such a thing, shivering in its presence. Where others would find only fear, I see but beauty and it draws me near.

Oh! darkness, stand by me to shade my form from this – the peskiest of lights. The days harm me, dampens my form, and sinks my mood.

My shade – oh glorious dark. You sooth me, you who makes all my pain dissipate.

Where others may find hatred, I see only love and compassion. Deepest black that keeps me from harm, I see not anger within your smokey haze, but solace and warmth.

My dearest darkness – were it not for you, I would be lost, my body torn asunder, and soul branded by the unknown.

I thank you for your love and benevolence and the kindness you continue to show me.

2 thoughts on “A Friend in Dimmer Places

    1. I’m not good myself at all lol. There are still so many things I need to learn, but for now, all that matters is enjoying it and expressing yourself in your own way.

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