I Wish I had an Adorable Kohai: Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

We all know who Uzaki-chan is, right? Even before she got an anime adaptation she was part of blood drive promotion in Japan that turned a small amount of government officials (in the west no less) a little red. After a couple months it all died down, but when it was announced that she was going to have an anime I was super excited and couldn’t wait.


Uzaki here is quite the adorable little bundle of TNT that happens to be ready to explode all over you with “So BIG” assets and her love for Choco-Mint. She is the heroine of our show and is deeply (though unknowingly) in love with the male lead of show Sakurai.


Uzaki-chan has a joyous personality and only wishes to help her senpai enjoy his youth while at the same time being with him to do so. Sakurai, however, wants to enjoy his peace alone and happens to like the quiet life that he has developed for himself. This combo makes for quite the entertaining, comedy-filled and romance driven show we know as Uzaki-chan wants to hand out.

This show has received a mixed array of opinions – even being related to an earlier, but similar series known as Himouto! Umaru-chan where the female lead is known to be two-faced and annoying, but that varied from person to person. I enjoyed that series as well.

The art style is pleasing to say the least and I couldn’t really point anything out that would be “out of place” Uzaki-chan is a girl learning about love and she’s expressing it the best way she knows how. While the Male lead is slowly, but surely gaining the same feelings back and developing his character due to interacting with her daily.

I would have to say this is the perfect anime to watch for a good laugh or when you want something light and enjoyable. If I had to rate this – it would be 8.8/10. Most definitely going back for a rewatch with English dub drops.

Super Cute and quirky Smile

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