Don’t Make This Mistake: How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Back again with another Isekai I rewatched for a third time. This anime is quite interesting and back when it came out in summer of 2018 I was hyped for it. You already know this man is OP and starts off with Diablo getting the women. In the first episode they make sure you know this man is strong and has a lot of power.

About the only turn off from this anime might be the English dub and/or how fast they make the friendship pop off between the trio, but we all know anime folks be best friends after thirty seconds of knowing one another.


The anime itself is quite sexual (full of ecchi and nice scenes) so I recommend not watching it loudly unless you are alone or don’t care if others hear or see. The two female characters are loveable and the character development between the trio is paced pretty decently enough.

Rem (Left), Diablo (Middle), Shera (right)

Rating this anime is quite hard honestly because the English dub or sub makes the anime overall appear different. If you are watching in sub I would rate it 8.5/10 and if you are viewing it in English I would say 6.8/10. If you enjoy funny nicknames, crazy phrases and somewhat wacky english English dub is the way.

Example: Whoa! don’t go all Diablo Dude Bro on me. Crazy right? funny though.

The anime is enjoyable though and I would definitely say give it a watch.

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