An Epic Tale of Rebirth: The Misfit of Demon King Academy

This was an anime series I was really waiting for and super happy to watch week by week. Isekai genres are my favorite and though a lot of people say it is “Cliche” or “Boring” I do not hear anything complaining about genres like Slice of Life, Horror, Rom-Com, or any of the other basic gerenes.

In other words it’s a love hate relationship with these tropes in and around anime.

This series I would not really call an “Isekai” because the main protagonist Anos Voldigoad reincarnated in the same world he already lived in – 2,000 years later.

Ano voldigoad

This man is your run of the mill Protagonist who’s incredibly smart, overpowered, charismatic and gets all the ladies. Don’t get me wrong though, as long as a studio does this trope correctly anyone can enjoy it. This is one of those instances where I felt like it was don’t fairly well.

Misfit has a nice group of characters for you to enjoy and some nice side characters as well, I do however feel like they could have done more in the way of depth when it came to exploring Anos’s life by giving him side adventures or something, but that’s just me.

If you enjoy your overpowered protagonist who kicks ass, builds a harem and can’t die – Anos is your man. He also has some pretty crazy lines that had me flip out because of how cool they were.

Badass Moment

See what I mean? He’s bad to the core, but in a good way. Would I recommend this anime though? Yes! I’d rate it a sold 9/10 in all honesty. The art style is nice, characters are great and I did not have anything to complain about while watching it, aside from my earlier statement.

I know you’ll enjoy it! because did you really think I would not tell you to enjoy it if I knew you would not?

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